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The Department of Urology is proud to offer several programs to improve men's sexual health. No matter if a patient seeks a vasectomy or would like to assess their fertility, our doctors have experience in treating all issues with the utmost sensitivity and respect for the best outcomes.



Our doctors are experts in treatment of erectile dysfunction. Their approach includes both traditional and creative new ways of treating a condition that affects patients and their partners both physically and emotionally. Impotence, or erectile dysfunction, is the inability to achieve an erection, and/or dissatisfaction with the size, rigidity and/or duration of erections. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), erectile dysfunction affects up to 30 million men. Although in the past it was commonly believed to be due to psychological problems, it is now known that for most men erectile dysfunction is caused by physical problems, usually related to the blood supply of the penis. Many advances have occurred in both diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction.


There are many causes of male infertility. Although conceiving a child may seem to be simple and natural, the physiological process is quite complicated and depends on the proper function of many factors. Our providers are experts at working with your health care team to identify the cause and focus your treatment for the best possible fertility outcomes.


The Department of Urology specializes in vasectomies. Vasectomy is a means of voluntary permanent contraception in men.  It is a relatively minor procedure which involves the closing of a small tube on each side of the scrotum – the vas deferens – which carries the sperm.  With local anesthesia, a tiny incision or puncture is made in each side of the scrotum so that the tube can be lifted out, tied off, and cut, thus blocking the passage of sperm.  Neither the penis nor the testicle is involved.  The testicle continues to form sperm which are then absorbed in the body. Our providers are discreet, and ensure you are well-educated on the procedure and comfortable with the process. There are two methods of vasectomy; our providers are well versed in both.

Minimally-invasive vasectomy (MIV)

This method is a procedure that involves small incisions made on each side of a man's scrotum. The tube, called the vas deferens, leading from each testicle is cut and sealed in order to stop sperm from reaching the prostate, where it mixes with the semen. Without sperm in the semen, a man can't make his partner pregnant.

No-scalpel vasectomy (NSV)

In the no-scalpel method, rather than making an incision, the doctor makes a puncture into the skin with a special instrument. This same instrument is used to gently stretch the skin opening so that the tubes can be reached easily. The tubes are then blocked, using the same method as in MIV vasectomy. No stitches are needed to close the tiny opening. The opening will heal quickly with little or no scarring.

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Eugene Fuchs, M.D.
Eugene Fuchs, M.D.
Male Infertility
Jason Hedges, M.D., Ph.D.
Jason Hedges, M.D., Ph.D.
Male Infertility, Erectile Dysfunction, Vasectomy, Vasectomy Reversal

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