Reading Center

Housed within Casey Eye Institute is the Translational Clinical Trial Center Reading Center, which has a collection of talented physicians and staff who have honed their skills on focused preclinical evaluation, clinical trial design and endpoint development of outcome measurements.  The center has gained significant regulatory and organizational experience by being lead participants in ongoing clinical trials.

We understand there is a strong need for a center that can work with commercial and academic organizations to design clinical trials for eye diseases. Our center can offer expertise in quality control and provide analysis of data collected.

Although several reading centers exist, we are the only center that can directly assist in all aspects of clinical trial design and endpoint development, as well as, offer unique services for the interpretation of Fundus Photography, OCT, visual field and electrophysiology. In addition, we work with many more visual function testing modalities, including Adaptive Optics, Microperimetry, Infrared, Fluorescein Angiography and Autofluorescence.

We offer a unique database interface for the management of clinical trials.  It is remotely accessible, allowing easy upload of data files from clinical sites while allowing real time access for data interpretation by the TCTC Reading Center, Sponsors and Clinical Research Organizations.  Due to its accessibility we have taken great pains to ensure the data housed within our database is electronically secured. The TCTC RC software, database and server are FDA compliant for electronic records, according to 21 CFR Part 11 and we follow the FDA guidance put forth on General Principles of Software Validation; Final Guidance for Industry and FDA Staff.

The Reading Center has the following aims:

  • Assist sponsors, CROs and researchers in the design of clinical trials for eye diseases. Special emphasis is given to earlyphase trials for gene therapy.
  • Provide reading center analysis of clinical trial measures with specific emphasis on retinal visual field, imaging and electrophysiological endpoints.
  • Provide the highest quality control for clinical trial outcome measures.
  • Certify participant site staff and equipment  in visual acuity testing, retinal imaging, visual field testing and retinal electrophysiology.

TCTC Reading Center Receives Major Funding

In 2010 Casey Eye Institute Reading Center recently received a major donation from Mr. Paul Casey, who is a strong champion of Ophthalmology research.

Reading Center Staff with Paul Casey

Staff of Casey Eye Institute Reading Center Staff with Paul and Maureen Casey

In this same year, the Foundation Fighting Blindness chose the TCTC to serve as the Reading Center for a trial on the treatment of Retinitis Pigmentosa with Valproic Acid. In 2011 the TCTC was chosen by Oxford Biomedica to serve as a Reading Center for StarGen and in 2012 for UshStat. Both trials will assess the safety of their respective gene therapeutics for treatment of Stargardt’s Macular Dystrophy and Usher’s Syndrome Type IB respectively.

Drs. Wilson and Robertson with Paul Casey

From Left: Casey Eye Institute Chairman, Dr. David Wilson; Mr. Paul Casey; OHSU President Dr. Joe Robertson