Our team

  • Director and Chair of Casey Eye Institute: David Wilson, M.D.
  • Assistant Director of Casey Eye Institute and Business Manager of CRC: Sigrid Button
  • Medical Director of CRC: Brandon Lujan M.D.
  • Associate Director of CRC: Laura Erker, Ph.D.
  • IT Manager: Edye Parker, M.A.
  • Senior Project Manager: Maria Parker, M.D.
  • Phenotype analysis: Richard Weleber M.D. Michael Klein M.D.
  • Visual Field Technical Director: Richard Weleber M.D.
  • OCT Angiography Technical Director: Yali Jia, Ph.D.
  • Retinal imaging :  Mark Pennesi M.D., Ph.D.; Brandon Lujan, M.D.; Maria Parker, M.D.; Ambar Faridi, M.D.
  • Retinal electrophysiology: Richard Weleber M.D.; Mark Pennesi M.D., Ph.D; Paul Yang, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Quality control assessments: Ellie Chegarnov, C.O.T.; Peter Steinkamp, M.S.; Melissa Krahmer, M.S.; Maria Parker, M.D.
  • Clinical trial design: Richard Weleber M.D.,  Mark Pennesi M.D., Ph.D.; Brandon Lujan, M.D.
  • Endpoint development: Richard Weleber M.D., Mark Pennesi M.D., Ph.D.; Brandon Lujan, M.D., Maria Parker, M.D.
  • Site certification and Training: Susan Nolte, Albert Romo, Ellie Chegarnov  and Laura Erker, Ph.D.
Casey Reading Center team