Preparing for LASIK surgery

Your pre-operative evaluation 

The first step in your LASIK experience is a pre-operative evaluation. This comprehensive eye examination consists of over 15 tests that give the doctor a clear picture of your eyes' overall health and focusing abilities. Over the course of the exam, you will learn if you are a candidate for refractive surgery. You will have the opportunity to discuss your situation with one of our doctors. Ultimately, this experience will help you decide if laser vision correction is the right choice for you. 

"The first appointment was the most comprehensive eye exam I've ever had. I knew they had checked everything." - John S. 

Testing is key

Some of the tests performed during the exam will be familiar to you from other eye exams where you have been tested for corrective lenses. Other tests may be new. The technicians will explain each test and will be happy to answer any questions you might have.  

One test which tends to be particularly interesting to patients is corneal topography, also known as corneal mapping. This test does exactly what its name suggests: it provides a topographical map of your cornea. Corneal maps give your doctor a precise readout of the relative curvatures of your cornea - essential information in preparing for refractive surgery. It can also help the doctor diagnose potentially serious corneal conditions like keratoconus or other corneal dystrophies.  

Occasionally during a refractive pre-op appointment, the technician or doctor may discover a potentially serious eye condition. When this happens, patients reap the benefits of the Casey Vision Correction Center's affiliation with the Casey Eye Institute. Patients with eye problems can be immediately referred to highly qualified eye specialists who use their expertise and leading edge equipment to diagnose and treat vision or eye health problems.  

If you are interested in a pre-operative examination at CVCC, please contact us.