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Information for Vision Screeners

The Gift of Sight

The Gift of Sight is an inside look into The Elk’s Children’s Eye Clinic’s history. The clinic has been providing eye care for children for over 64 years. Hear from doctors and their patients about real-life experiences happening at the clinic. All have been made possible by the continued generous financial and volunteer support of the Oregon State Elks.  

plusoptiX Vision Screening

Almost 15% of children ages 3 - 5 have an undetected vision problem. The aim of Elk’s Children’s Eye Clinic Vision Screening program is to detect these vision disorders before they become irreversible. In this video, plusoptiX Vision Screening, learn about common vision disorders found in preschool children and the technology used by the Elks Vision Screening Program to detect and treat them.

Representative Williamson on Vision-Screening

Oregon State Representative, Jennifer Williamson, sponsor of HB 3000, discusses the importance of early vision screening in order to provide all children the opportunity to succeed. 


Why screen preschoolers for eye disease?

Detecting vision disorder in preschool children is vital to their development. In the state of Oregon, more than 11,000 preschool children may have amblyopia, a common vision disorder that persists into adulthood if undetected. The Elks Children’s Eye Clinic Vision Screening Program works to screen children of low-income families with the aim to detect amblyopia before it is too late to treat.



What does it mean if your child is referred by a vision screening?

Eye diseases and vision problems are the most overlooked developmental disorders found in preschool children, even though each year they affect thousands of Oregon children. In this video, learn about the most common vision disorders and their dangerous affects if undetected. Because of the generous support of the Oregon State Elks, the Elks Children’s Eye Clinic Vision Screening program is able to provide FREE screenings in order to detect and treat these disorders before they threaten a child’s development.  

The following materials are available for Vision Screeners:

What is amblyopia?

Eye Doctor Referral List

Information for vision screeners

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