Research Programs and Shared Resources

The best new strategies for diagnosis, treatment and control of cancer will come from identifying and understanding the molecular defects present in cancer cells. The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute explores this frontier with a series of innovative research programs that each interface with clinical care.

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The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute also provides a diverse set of cutting-edge shared resources (research facilities) to its members as a way to control costs while providing top quality lab work and quick results.

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Research programs and shared resources are supported through the NCI Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG).

Interested in Becoming a Knight Member?

OHSU Knight Cancer Institute members include researchers, scientists and clinicians who work together to provide world-class patient care and groundbreaking research. It’s our goal to reduce the morbidity and mortality of cancer.

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Training Programs

Another critical component to understanding and controlling cancer is training the next generation of healthcare professionals and scientists that will carry on this effort, making new discoveries and developing new treatments.  The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute is strongly committed to education and offers a diverse and outstanding set of training programs.

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