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Connecting high-school students with research opportunities.

What is the Continuing Umbrella of Research Education Program (CURE)?

The Ted R. Lilley Cancer CURE Program gives  high school students the chance to work with researchers at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute. It serves students from socially and economically disadvantaged areas in the Portland metropolitan area. The CURE program offers students a chance to do hands-on research in science and medicine.

In high school, Alex Perepechaev worked in Dr. Joshi Alumkal's lab as a participant in the Ted R. Lilley Cancer CURE Program. Read More

CURE - Youth Mentorship

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Current high school juniors from Oregon high schools in socially or economically disadvantaged areas are eligible to apply and will be given preference.

* Economically disadvantaged students are defined as individuals who come from a “low income family,” using income levels specified by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as a guideline.

* Socially disadvantaged students come from an environment that may inhibit them from obtaining knowledge, skills or abilities required to enroll in and successfully complete an undergraduate course of study that could lead to a career in the health sciences. This category includes but is not restricted to students whose parents did not attend or complete college or students being reared by a single or divorced parent.

How do I Apply?

We are not accepting applications for this year's program at this time. 

What will I need to do during the course of the program?

Students selected will work in research laboratories under the auspices of OHSU scientists conducting cancer research for a minimum of eight weeks. They are expected to read scientific literature in cancer research and attend special seminars highlighting various areas of biomedical research. There will be a presentation at the end of the program based on their research work.

Will I get paid?

Students accepted for research positions will be paid $10/hour and will receive bus passes for the duration of the summer project (8 weeks). The Ted R. Lilley Cancer CURE Program is co-sponsored by the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute and the OHSU Center for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs.