About Breast Health Outreach

Our vision is to reduce the impact breast cancer has on individual women, their families, the communities in which they live and ultimately, to save lives.

By bringing scientific research into practice we can affect change.

Through statewide leadership, evidence-based tools, and active engagement with state agencies, clinicians, workplaces, health systems, community organizations and others, we can collectively improve the health of our communities.

Our Goals

  • Women understand how to reduce their risk of breast cancer and access regular screenings to detect breast cancer when it is most curable.
  • Communities are knowledgeable and capable of effectively overcoming the barriers women face to receiving age-appropriate breast healthcare.
  • Public policy is enacted improving health resources and equity.

Our Plan

Create and nurture effective strategies and programs throughout Oregon. Learn more about our Core Activities.

Our Partners

We believe partnership and collaboration is the key to having far-reaching impact. Read more