Community Partnership Program Impact Report


The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, in its overarching mission to end cancer as we know it, developed the Community Partnership Program in 2014 to reduce the cancer burden statewide. From the beginning, the program has focused on three guiding principles key to the program: grantmaking, building a community's capacity and enhancing community collaboration. We invite you to learn more about the program's accomplishments over the past two years by clicking below.



Over the course of two years and four cycles of funding, the Community Partnership Program has helped community organizations across Oregon make a direct impact on solving the cancer needs of their respective communities. At present, 34 of 36 Oregon counties are home to at least one Community Partnership Program funded project. A sampling of these projects are profiled within this report. Learn more.



Growing an organization's capacity to produce an impactful project is a unique feature of the Community Partnership Program. Access to trainings, webinars, conferences and other learning opportunities are provided for all applicants to help grow sustainable projects statewide. Learn more.



Collaboration is a key element of the Community Partnership Program. Grantees are encouraged to form new collaborations with each other through networking and shared research interests. Internal and community-driven stakeholders each influence the program's accessibility and clarity and assist with the program's potential applicant outreach strategy. Learn more.