Medical Therapy for Lung Cancer

Your medical oncologist  will design an appropriate treatment plan for you. This treatment may include chemotherapy or other treatments, such as novel molecularly targeted agents.

Medical oncologists treat cancer with drugs and treatments other than surgery and radiation. In addition to chemotherapy, your doctors may use targeted biologic agents, which are designed to destroy cancer cells without harming your healthy tissue.

At our lung cancer clinic, we will design an individual treatment plan based on your cancer. This may include:

  • Chemotherapy before or after surgery or radiation treatment
  • Chemotherapy given at the same time as radiation
  • Chemotherapy or targeted therapy (biologics) alone
  • Clinical trial of a new anti-cancer drug or other treatment

Your medical oncologist will work with other members of your multidisciplinary care team to support you and help you reach your treatment goals. Support may include:

  • Pain medication
  • Anti-nausea medication
  • Counseling and emotional support for you and your family.

Your medical oncologist also works closely with other members of our lung cancer team, including surgeons, pulmonary specialists and radiation specialists.