Lung Cancer Treatment Options

The lung cancer team at OHSU Knight Cancer Institute is the only coordinated care team  in Oregon specializing in lung cancer. Our lung cancer doctors are fellowship trained and have extensive knowledge about lung cancer.

We customize treatment plans for each lung cancer patient and offer a variety of treatment options for lung cancer, including chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy.

Medical Therapy for Lung Cancer

As the leader of our lung cancer medical oncology team, Dr. Alan Sandler provides expert treatment that is recognized around the world. He has access to the most advanced treatments and unique clinical trials, and unparalleled skill and experience in treating lung cancer.

Our team includes community medical oncologists who have a special interest in lung cancer. These doctors have clinics throughout the Portland Metro area, giving patients the option to stay within their community for treatment.

Dr. Sandler’s career includes developing two clinical trials that directly changed the way non-small cell lung cancer is treated.  He was the lead investigator on the trials that established gemcitabine (Gemzar)  and bevacizumab (Avastin) as the top drugs for lung cancer.

Surgical Services for Lung Cancer

Our thoracic surgeons are board certified and work together with your medical oncologist and the entire treatment team to provide surgery as one of your treatment options.

Radiation Therapy for Lung Cancer

The radiation oncologistson our lung cancer team are fellowship trained lung cancer specialists. They work with the lung cancer team to determine the best therapies for each lung cancer patient.