Advancing Lung Cancer Research

The research advancements at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute are leading to breakthrough treatments for the patients that come to us for treatment. The foundation of our lung cancer research is to focus on identifying and understanding the molecular defects that are present in cancer cells. This research is also conducted in the regular lung cancer clinical trials that we offer, where patients can help doctors advance lung cancer prevention and treatment methods.

The advancements in research inform the latest in lung cancer treatments. We offer medical, surgical, and radiation therapies and work with each patient to develop a custom treatment plan based on their needs and specific lung cancer type. Treatment may include a new drug called Erlotinib  which is an effective treatment for the type of lung cancer most common in nonsmokers. The medicine works by blocking the cancer cells’ ability to grow. Erlotinib is sometimes used as an alternative to chemotherapy for lung cancer.

At OHSU Knight Cancer Institute we are dedicated to defeating cancer and improving the health and well-being for all Oregonians. Learn more on our website or schedule an appointment call our lung cancer clinic at 503 494-7999.