Translational Research and Test Development


Translational research (moving results of basic research more quickly and efficiently into medical practice) is the basis for the testing performed at the Knight Diagnostic Laboratories. We are committed to the adoption of the latest technologies in order to provide the highest quality and most cost-effective testing services to meet clinical needs. Our six medical directors oversee a staff of highly trained employees (Masters or PhD) dedicated to new test development. We have the expertise to create, implement and validate clinical tests across a wide range of technologies, including:

  • quantitative PCR
  • NextGen sequencing
  • FISH
  • array-based analyses
  • drug metabolite
  • other biochemical analyses
  • immunohistochemistry

This experience, and close association with clinicians and researchers in the Knight Cancer Institute make Knight Diagnostic Laboratories an exciting partner for researchers. To date, our Directors and staff have been involved in providing diagnostic services for a significant number of clinical trials.

Through our in-house research efforts and collaborations with other academic and commercial laboratories, we are continually improving our test offerings.

Assay Technologies

Available platforms

Sanger Sequencing

ABI 3730, 3130xl


PyroMark ID

Qualitative & quantitative PCR

Roche Lightcycler LC480

Mass spectroscopy-based genotyping


Second generation sequencing

Illumina Hi-Seq*

Third generation sequencing

Ion Torrent PGM


Ventana BenchMark XT


*Available through the OHSU Massively Parallel Sequencing Shared Resource