Tests for Hematologic (Blood) Tumors

The Hematologic Malignancy team at Knight Diagnostic Laboratories performs diagnostic and clinically actionable tests developed at Oregon Health and Science University. The department includes a variety of platforms which allow testing to be performed using the most appropriate technology.

Our mass spectroscopy-based solid tumor panel (SequenomR platform) covers 370 mutations across 31 genes known to be important in cancer, one of the largest leukemia gene mutation panels available in the U.S.A. Knight Diagnostic Laboratories is developing a leukemia test for AML/MDS using next generation technology: GeneTrailsTM . Custom panels for lymphoma and myeloma are in development and will be clinically available in the near future.

Tests are available for the following diseases:

Acute Myelogenous Leukemia

  • NPM1
  • FLT3 qualitative and quantitative
  • cKIT
  • WT1
  • ERG
  • DNMT3A
  • IDH1 & IDH2
  • Multiplex leukemia panel using mass spectrometry

Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia

  • BCR/ABL quantitative
  • BCR/ABL Nested PCR (high sensitivity qualitative reflex test)
  • BCR/ABL kinase domain mutation, qualitative and quantitative


  • B Cell Gene Rearrangement (IgH, reflexed to kappa, lambda)
  • T Cell Gene Rearrangement (gamma/delta reflexed to beta)

Myeloproliferative Disorders

  • JAK2 V617F qualitative and quantitative
  • JAK2 exon 12

Mast Cell Disease

  • CKIT (allele-specific, high sensitivity)