Oncology Tests



At the Knight Diagnostic Laboratories, our Medical Directors are experts in diagnostic testing, with decades of experience collaborating with physicians and researchers at Oregon Health & Sciences University as well as other academic and commercial laboratories. We have extensive experience in developing tests for solid tumors and blood borne diseases and have pioneered the use of broad-based tumor genotyping. We are continuing to build new test offerings in support of personalized cancer care.

Our laboratories offer a wide variety of tests using many different technologies including:

  • Semiconductor-based sequencing (Ion Torrent™ platform) for solid tumor and hematologic disorders and some rare genetic disorders
  • A leukemia panel which covers 370 mutations across 31 genes
  • GeneTrails™, Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Panel, and Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumor Panel on the Ion Torrent™ PGM™.
  • Our GeneTrails™ solid tumor panel (Ion Torrent® platform) delivers information on 37 genes commonly involved in solid tumors

More custom panels are in development and will be clinically available in the near future.