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Answers to common questions about the Knight Diagnostic Laboratories:

Where do I go to have a test to analyze my tumor? Do I need to request a test through my doctor?Cancer patients who are being treated at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute as well as those treated elsewhere can benefit from the Knight Diagnostic Laboratories tests.  The test should be requested by a licensed physician.  Any specimens that would be sent to our laboratory for testing would be collected in the physician's office or from a future or past surgical procedure, depending on the test requested.

Are there tests for blood cancers as well as solid tumors?
Yes. The Knight Diagnostic Laboratories currently offers tests that analyze for mutations in tumors.. These tests will also look for mutations for which there are already targeted therapies available.

Are the tests painful? Do they require a biopsy or surgery?
Blood, bone marrow or surgical biopsy specimens are typically collected as part of the cancer diagnostic process.  We are able to use those specimens for our testing.

If a patient has already been treated for cancer, is it too late to have a test?
No.  A patient can be tested after chemotherapy treatment has occurred.

What happens to the results?
Test results are released to the physician who ordered the test and to the medical institution that provided the specimen (if testing a biopsy specimen). 

Can the tests help detect cancer before a tumor is formed?
These tests are not developed for the purposes of cancer screening.

Will my insurance cover the cost of the test? What about Medicare?
The Knight Diagnostic Laboratories work with all major insurance companies including Medicare.

What do these tests cost?
The cost of testing depends on the specific test ordered by your physician. Your out-of-pocket cost depends on the type of medical insurance you have.