Testing for Infectious Diseases

Knight Diagnostic Laboratories is positioned to move research testing rapidly into clinical service by using new technologies for faster and more cost-effective results. New technology will soon revolutionize the evaluation and monitoring of a wide range of micro-organisms while also providing specific treatment guidance for drug-resistance mutations and immune compromised individuals.

Knight Diagnostic Laboratories has over 15 years of experience performing clinical diagnostic and translational research tests for infectious diseases. As we add new technology, we are able to detect ever growing numbers of organisms that may contribute to common clinical syndromes. This allows more rapid results for a variety of different disease-producing agents.   In addition to routine molecular tests (HIV, HCV, HBV, respiratory viruses), the lab has particular expertise in infections that affect people whose immune system is incapable of working at full capacity.  Our next-generation sequencing technology will also provide specific treatment guidance for drug-resistance organisms.