Mission and History

Mission Statement

Knight Diagnostic Laboratories' mission is to continuously leverage the rapid advances in diagnostic testing that are making personalized medicine a reality, and to develop industry-leading methodologies for diagnosing diseases and cancer.

Our History

The Knight Diagnostic Laboratories were formed under the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute in January 2011 through a merger of four hospital laboratories located within Oregon Health & Sciences University (OHSU) in Portland, Oregon.  These laboratories include a molecular translational research lab from pathology, along with three genetics laboratories specializing in molecular genetics, cytogenetics, FISH and biochemical analyses.  Our nationally known Medical Directors have decades of experience in test development, validation, diagnostic testing and consultation.

Knight Diagnostic Laboratories offer an extensive menu of molecular and genetic tests for oncology, infectious diseases, and rare genetic disorders to help physicians deliver individualized, specific and accurate diagnoses.  Our laboratory has over 300 genetic and molecular pathology tests, and we are continually adding new ones as they become clinically relevant.  Through collaborative partnerships with leading industry and academic institutions, we’re able to provide unique access to the very latest advances in diagnostic testing, and are dedicated to serving the needs of customers in the rapidly emerging field of personalized healthcare.