Breast Cancer Survivorship Program

At the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, we know that the end of your treatment is not the end of your breast cancer experience. That’s why we offer Transitions, a program to provide care for breast cancer survivors post-treatment.

About the Breast Cancer Survivorship Program – Transitions

Breast cancer survivorship involves many issues, from getting preventive screenings to recovering your energy and overall well-being.Transitions at OHSU Knight Cancer Institute can provide you and your family with important information on:

  • Your breast cancer treatment, including a personalized treatment summary
  • Follow-up tests and appointments
  • How to cope with any side effects, including fatigue, cognitive issues and early menopause
  • Wellness, including complementary medicine (acupuncture and naturopathy), nutrition, fitness, fertility and psychosocial issues
  • Other services, including breast cancer support groups, physical therapy, pain control and counseling

Side Effects of Breast Cancer Treatment

A diagnosis of breast cancer is often a life-changing experience. The physical, emotional and social impacts that can continue beyond the end of treatment and can last for quite some time.  
It is common to feel and look differently after treatment and you may wonder if what you are going through is normal. The following list provides some of the common side effects and symptoms of breast cancer treatment.

Physical side effects

  • Fatigue
  • Neuropathy
  • Osteporosis (low bone mass)
  • Lymphedema (swelling of the arm)
  • Menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes
  • Changes in fertility and sexuality

Emotional side effects

  • Feeling depressed or anxious
  • Low self-esteem—Often caused by body changes such as reconstructive surgery, hair loss or infertility
  • Relationship concerns due to changes in sexuality
  • Fear of recurrence

Social side effects

  • Needing to change your job, schedule or duties because of your health
  • Participating less in social activities or sports because of physical or emotional side effects
  • Withdrawing from friends and family because they don’t know how to react to you

The Transitions team can help you cope with side effects and find additional resources for treatment and support.


Transitions Referral Information

If you are interested in Transitions, speak to your OHSU cancer provider for a referral.


Contact Us

For questions about our clinic or to schedule an appointment with one of our providers, please call 503 494-4673. 

Transitions the Breast Cancer Survivorship Clinic is located at:

Center for Health & Healing
7th floor, 3303 SW Bond Ave
Portland, OR 97239
Free valet parking is available. 


Our Team

  • Christine Kemp, F.N.P.- B.C. - Nurse practitioner
  • Katherine Bagwell, R.D., L.D. – Oncology dietitian