Breast Cancer Surgery

If you and your breast cancer team decide surgery is the best treatment for you, our surgical oncologist will provide you with expert surgical care. Her experience and knowledge will give you peace of mind as well as expert care. We perform more than 200 breast cancer surgeries annually.

We offer a broad range of surgical techniques including

Breast conserving procedures

Lumpectomy: It is no longer necessary for women to have the whole breast removed because of cancer. Often the cancer itself, with a small amount of normal tissue around it, is removed and radiation is done afterward.

Nipple-sparing mastectomy: If you have a mastectomy, the nipple and area around it must be removed to remove the cancer. In some cases, however, the doctor may be able to save the nipple and surrounding tissue.

Plastic surgery: We offer a full range of reconstructive options, including all types of microsurgical procedures. You and your breast cancer care team will discuss which options are best for you.
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