Plastic Surgery

Many people choose plastic surgery as part of their breast cancer treatment.

At OHSU, our plastic surgery team works closely with our breast cancer surgical oncologists to determine the best plan for you. The surgeons work together so that your reconstruction is done safely and coordinated with your cancer treatment. Your care is streamlined, comprehensive and provided all at the same facility.

You will meet the plastic surgery team immediately after diagnosis, so that you understand your options, can feel encouraged and look forward to the outcome. By getting involved at the start of treatment, our plastic surgery team can do more to make sure your breast looks natural and attractive after surgery. We offer a full range of reconstructive options, including all types of microsurgical procedures. You and your breast cancer care team will discuss which options are best for you. Some of the options are:

  • TRAM flap: using tissue from the abdomen (stomach area) to reconstruct the breast
  • Tissue expander and implant reconstruction: Using an implant to reconstruct the breast. Tissue expanders under the chest are filled with saline, stretching the tissue to prepare it for an implant.
  • Immediate or delayed reconstruction: Breast reconstruction at the same time as cancer surgery, or years afterward.
  • Procedures for symmetry: Plastic surgery on the opposite breast, so it matches the reconstructed breast. Our surgeons can do reductions, lifts and enlargement.
  • Breast oncoplasty: Lumpectomy to remove cancer, with a  breast reduction or breast lift on one or both sides.

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