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dogCancer research for dogs could help children MARCH 2014

A Knight Cancer Institute doctor is looking for dogs with cancer for his research on treatment that could benefit children with bone cancer.

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big moneyWho are the biggest givers? And where do they get the money? FEBRUARY 2014

Big philanthropy returned in 2013, keyed in part by Nike co-founder Phil Knight and his wife Penelope Knight. The Knights kick started the Knight Cancer Challenge with a $500 million pledge, provided OHSU can raise matching funds within two years.

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ResearchDrug Shows Promise in Advanced Prostate Cancer When Used Before Chemotherapy JANUARY 2014

The New York Times reports on potential broader use of Xtandi to treat prostate cancer following clinical trial conducted at the Knight Cancer Institute.

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older manDrug May Extend Survival for Men With Advanced Prostate Cancer JANUARY 2014

A recently released study suggests that a new hormone therapy may increase survival for men with advanced prostate cancer. HealthDay speaks with the Knight Cancer Institute’s deputy director, Tomasz Beer, M.D. about the implications for patients.

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jobs-career-work-opportunityOHSU's Knight Cancer Challenge to create more than 1K jobs, inject millions JANUARY 2014

The Portland Business Journal reports on how investing in cancer research will yield thousands of jobs, millions into local and state economy and help create a cancer-curing economy for Oregon.

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astoriaEditorial: Knight gift to OHSU is worth more state money JANUARY 2014

The Daily Astorian weighs in with why the Knight gift to OHSU is worth more state money

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clinical_trials_scientist_dropperQ&A: Why OHSU wants $200 million from Oregon Legislature for cancer research JANUARY 2014

 A Q&A with an Oregonian capitol reporter explains how Oregon can support transformational cancer research and clinical trials as part of the Knight Cancer Challenge. 

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eugeneApprove OHSU bonds: Oregon has a big stake in cancer institute JANUARY 2014

Read why the Eugene Register Guard supports the state providing capital bonding support for cancer research and patient care.

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druker_lab Video - How OHSU's Brian Druker Hopes to Cure Cancer JANUARY 2014

Watch a video of Dr. Brian Druker at Willamette Week, discussing the opportunity to cure cancer with a $1.2 billion investment from private philanthropy as part of the Knight Cancer Challenge and state infrastructure support.

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joe-robertsonHow OHSU's Brian Druker Hopes to Cure Cancer JANUARY 2014

OHSU President Joe Robertson and Dr. Brian Druker sit in Willamette Week’s “Hot Seat” and answer questions about the Knight Cancer Challenge and Oregon’s opportunity to end cancer as we know it.

As featured in: Willamette Week

buildingOregon could sell $200 million in bonds for Phil and Penny Knight's $1 billion challenge for OHSU cancer research NOVEMBER 2013

Building on a record of success in partnerships, the Oregonian reports on $200 million in capital construction bonding OHSU is requesting for critical infrastructure to support cancer research and patient care/clinical trials.

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Tim NesbittA challenge to energize Oregon NOVEMBER 2013

Tim Nesbitt, a columnist for The Oregonian, shares how the $1 billion Knight Cancer Challenge is an opportunity to take pride in the ingenuity of our scientists and the generosity of Oregonians.

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MedicationMedivation cancer drug improves survival in wider use trial OCTOBER 2013

Reuters details results of a prostate cancer drug clinical trial, led by Knight Cancer Institute Deputy Director.

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Who GivesWho Gives? OCTOBER 2013

The Knight Cancer Challenge is unprecedented for any fundraising campaign. It has the potential to transform philanthropy in Oregon and around the world.

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Brian Druker in the labBillion Dollar Knight Cancer Challenge SEPTEMBER 2013

Dr. Brian Druker, talks about a billion research dollars.

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An Oregonian editorial on the Knight Cancer Challenge.

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$500M Pledge$500M Pledge SEPTEMBER 2013

Phil and Penny Knight pledge $500 million, if OHSU can match it.

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