Treatment for Benign Breast Issues

The breast cancer team at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute is the only fully coordinated care team in Oregon that specializes in breast cancer.

You’ll meet with our entire team of breast cancer specialists during one appointment in our Comprehensive Breast Cancer Clinic. No other breast clinic in Oregon does this. All of our breast cancer doctors are fellowship trained and have extensive knowledge about breast cancer. Many of our doctors are nationally recognized experts in breast care.

Our team includes breast specialists who work together to offer you the most current technology and treatment available. Once you've been diagnosed with breast cancer, early decisions matter. Before your appointment in our Comprehensive Breast Cancer Clinic, our specialists discuss your case in detail at their team breast cancer conference. During that conference, they create a treatment plan specific to your situation. After the conference, you meet our team to review the recommended treatment options.

We customize care plans for each patient and offer a variety of treatment options for breast cancer, including cancer surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and reconstructive surgery.

Breast cancer surgery

We are the only hospital in Portland where all of our breast surgeons are fellowship-trained in breast cancer. This means they received specialized training in breast cancer surgery and are experts in caring for patients with breast cancer.

Plastic and reconstructive Surgery

Our plastic surgeons have the skills, experience and sense of artistry needed to recreate and re-sculpt breasts after surgery for breast cancer. They work closely with our breast surgeons to develop plans for immediate and delayed breast reconstruction for both lumpectomy and mastectomy. We are one of a few hospitals in Oregon that offer advanced types of breast reconstruction that uses your own tissue for reconstruction.

Radiation therapy

We have state-of-the-art treatment and imaging technology and are leaders in image-guided radiation therapy for all areas of the body, including the breast. In addition, we are the only hospital in the Pacific Northwest to use intraoperative radiation with IntraBeam technology to provide a single dose of radiation at the same time as a lumpectomy. The experience of our doctors combined with a wide range of equipment, including the most innovative methods, gives you the most options for your treatment.

Medical therapy

Our breast medical oncologists are board certified and work together with your entire treatment team to provide therapy and clinical trials as one of your treatment options.

Our team also includes medical oncologists in the community who have a special interest in breast cancer. These doctors have clinics throughout the Portland metropolitan area, giving you the option to stay close to your home for treatment.