Parkinson's Provider Education:Team-PD

Therapists Educated & Aligned in Managing Parkinson's Disease

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Therapists Educated & Aligned in Managing PD (TEAM-PD) is a network of rehab teams trained by the OHSU Parkinson Center in the comprehensive team care approach we use, which is endorsed by movement disorder specialists worldwide.

TEAM-PD grew out of the OHSU Parkinson Center mission to develop and share excellence in care, research, and education for people with Parkinson’s disease (PWP), wherever they live. These programs train, promote, and research interdisciplinary care for people with PD. A team primarily consist of physical, occupational, and speech therapists, and when available, social workers and nurses, working with physicians to optimize care.

Accessible Care

Our goal is to enhance therapeutic care in outlying areas for people with Parkinson's who cannot easily reach the experts at our center. To that end, we train physical, occupational, speech therapists, social workers,and nurses in rehab teams in the unique care required by people with PD.

Newest to our TEAM-PD family are counselors, whether they be psycholoigsts, psychiatrists, or social workers. People with Parkinson's disease face a higher incidence of depression, anxiety, and medication related psychosis that worsens disease symptoms and quality of life for both patients and caregivers. Our  2013 TEAM-PD course focused on this need in a special session which was video taped. View videos to learn more about PD and both pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions from the experts.