Neuroendocrine Testing for Pituitary Disorders

Measuring your pituitary hormones accurately can require specialized hormone tests. These should be done by an experienced doctor or nurse. These specialized hormone tests can include measuring your body's hormone levels before and after taking certain medications, taking blood tests at different times of day or taking saliva samples at different times. Measuring hormone levels several times, at different times of day or for several hours or days, is called dynamic testing.

The OHSU Northwest Pituitary Center offers specialized hormone testing for pituitary function. Tests can be done before or after pituitary surgery.  

Our Neuroendocrine Testing Services 

  • A dedicated neuroendocrine testing facility for performing dynamic studies
  • Patient education about testing methods, pituitary disorders, pituitary surgery and giving injections
  • Dynamic testing, including cortrosyn stimulation tests, growth hormone stimulation and suppression tests and CRH (corticotropin-releasing hormone) stimulation tests.
  • Endocrine therapy injections

Testing services are available to OHSU and community doctors. The OHSU Northwest Pituitary Center can monitor patients who are starting treatment with growth hormones and adjust the dose as needed. We can also interpret the results of laboratory tests for referring physicians (community doctors).