Pituitary Referrals

At the OHSU Northwest Pituitary Center, our neuroendocrinologists work with neurosurgeons and other specialists from around OHSU to provide patients with the best care available

Your referral

Please print and complete all sections of the online referral form. Fax the form to us at 503 346-6810.

We review your records before contacting your patient. After the initial record review, we call your patient to schedule an appointment and let him or her know what to expect. We schedule new patients immediately.

Your patient’s first visit to the OHSU Northwest Pituitary Center

Our clinic is conveniently located at the OHSU Center for Health & Healing in the South Waterfront District, at the foot of the Portland Aerial Tram. There's plenty of parking and a comfortable, welcoming environment for your patient.

For the first visit, we schedule consultations with an endocrinologist and, if appropriate, a neurosurgeon. Required dynamic testing will happen that same day. If your patient needs a more extensive evaluation, it will be scheduled in advance.

Our interdisciplinary team review

After your patient’s first  visit, our endocrinologist and neurosurgeon quickly review initial laboratory and imaging results. Next, we contact you to discuss possible treatment plans, which may include clinical trials

Treatment implementation

Any follow-up visits will be coordinated so your patient's appointments happen on a single day. We'll keep you updated on recommended next steps.

Patient follow-up

After initial treatment, we will follow up with your patient once a week for six weeks. We'll arrange for additional laboratory tests as needed. Your patient will also receive a written treatment plan. We give your patient information about who to call with questions, and we are always available for your questions or further consultation. Please call or email any time to discuss your patient's care.