Balance Studies

Do you have freezing of gait or start hesitation?

OHSU’s Balance Disorders Laboratory is seeking people with Parkinson’s disease and freezing of gait for a study investigating the relations between freezing of gait, mental function, and brain circuits.

Participation Requirements
Qualifying participants will have a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease and experience occasional or frequent episodes in which they feel “stuck” when trying to walk. Participants must be free of other neurological disorders, have no significant orthopedic or muscular impairments for standing, be able to stand independently for at least 20 minutes, and not suffer from claustrophobia. The study takes approximately 4 hours to complete. In exchange for each session, participants will be paid.

If interested please call 503-346-0842 or email: . Fay Horak, Ph.D., PT, IRB# 5279