Research increasingly shows the importance of exercise in managing Parkinson's disease. As leaders in this area of research, we encourage all our patients to have an exercise program that will maintain mobility and prevent disability. Periodic visits with a qualified physical therapist who is familiar with Parkinson's disease and a challenging exercise routine can make a significant difference in how Parkinson's disease affects you.

PD Pilates

PD Pialtes book

Pilates for Parkinson's Disease: An Instructional Handbook

Pilates for Parkinson's Disease: An Instructional Handbook is now available.

In 2006, the OHSU Parkinson Center partnered with Pilates instructor Bettina Blank to develop a class for people with Parkinson's disease. Classes are held in several locations and participants can buy an instructional handbook for the class.

The handbook has easy-to-follow instructions and pictures. If you'd like to order a copy please contact Bettina Blank at bettina@pilatesforparkinsons.com or 503 504-7596. The cost is $20 for the handbook, plus $2 for shipping/handling.

Our energizing classes focus on flexibility, stretching, and core-strengthening with specific attention paid to Parkinson issues. Contact the locations below for current dates and times.

Class Locations

Circle Studio
1231 N.W. 11th, Portland
503 504-7596
Instructor: Bettina Blank

Pacific NW Pilates
5201 S.W. Westgate, Suite #115, Portland
503 292-4409

Pilates Plus Northwest
1010 N.E. Broadway, Vancouver, Wash.
360 574-7800
Instructor: Shanel Riley

Portland Pilates Studio
333 S. State, Lake Oswego
503 880-0969
Instructor: Debra Burchiel

Spring Pilates Studio
12 S.E. 28th, Portland
503 235-8445
Instructor: Irene Stevens

PD Exercise Classes

The OHSU Parkinson Center designed these classes to help people with PD stay fit. They offer a variety of ways to strengthen, stretch and exercise your entire body.

PD Exercise
Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:30 a.m.
Riverplace Athletic Club
Instructor: Kimberly Berg
0150 SW Montgomery St
Portland, Oregon
Phone: 503 407-1335

PD Exercise
Tuesday and Thursday at 11 a.m.
4015 SW Mercantile Drive
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
Phone: 503 799-5311

PD Movement Classes

Weekly exercise classes designed for people with PD are held in a variety of locations. For more information, call Parkinson's Resources of Oregon at 800 426-6806 or visit their Web site.