Exercising with MS

Research shows that exercise helps reduce fatigue (tiredness) and improve function in people with MS. At the OHSU Multiple Sclerosis Center, your doctor and healthcare team can help develop the best exercise program for you. 

Gentle Yoga for People with MS

Gentle Yoga for People with MS
Sponsored by OHSU MS Center and the Portland Yoga Group

The Lotus Seed
6 NE Tillamook Street, Portland


Amy Duncan has been teaching yoga since 2002 throughout the Portland area. Her focus is on correct alignment in each pose and opening the body to its full potential. She offers perceptive teaching with a bit of humor.

Cindy Irvine, a certified Iyengar instruction, has been teaching yoga for people with Multiple Sclerosis since 2001. She emphasizes  gentle work with the mind, breath, and body to prevent injury and maximize health benefits. She teaches yoga as a life philosophy of honoring and celebrating oneself while having compassion for your limitations. 

For more information contact:  Susan at 503 230-2074 or Debra at 503 234-8425.