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DBS Patient Colin Halstead and his family.
Parkinson's patient Colin Halstead enjoys life after DBS with his parents, Jim and Suzy.


If you have a movement disorder such as Parkinson’s or essential tremor, deep brain stimulation could improve your quality of life. OHSU is a leader in DBS. Internationally renowned Dr. Kim Burchiel of OHSU was the first doctor in the United States to perform this surgery in 1991, and has done more than 1,000 procedures since.

OHSU is one of the few centers to do “asleep” DBS, with patients under general anesthesia. Learn more about DBS and why you do not have to be awake during surgery. We treat patients from across the United States and throughout the world. If you live outside our local area, you may be able to have some appointments by telemedicine. Learn about DBS appointments at OHSU.

This site has information about DBS for Parkinson’s and essential tremor at OHSU. You can also learn if you are a candidate, what to expect before and after surgery, and more.

DBS for Parkinson’s

Deep brain stimulation can reduce the motor symptoms of Parkinson’s, such as action tremors in the hands, nodding or head shaking movements, slow movements (bradykinesia) and abnormal involuntary movements (dyskinesias). This site tells you more about how DBS helps and if you are a candidate. You can also find out more about OHSU’s evaluation process, telemedicine options and what to expect after surgery.

Learn more about DBS for Parkinson’s at OHSU