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12/11/2014 Scientists reveal new family tree for birds, clear back to dinosaur parents
11/24/2014 Oregon Nurse Selected as Recipient of National Leadership Award
11/17/2014 Medical Research Foundation honors top Oregon scientists, mentors
11/05/2014 Three BEHN PhD Candidates Receive APA Dissertation Research Awards
11/05/2014 Melanie Pina Receives OBI Fellowship
09/22/2014 Melanie Pina Receives Pavlovian Society Student Poster Award
09/10/2014 Sequencing and analysis of gibbon genome sheds light on its complex evolution
09/04/2014 Megan McClintick Receives NIH NRSA Award
09/04/2014 Alice Graham Receives NIH NRSA Award
08/25/2014 Gabriela Alarcón Receives NIH NRSA Award
07/25/2014 Lauren Kruse and Monique Smith Receive NIH NRSA Awards
07/25/2014 Megan McClintick Receives Ashworth Graduate Training Award
07/25/2014 Behavioral Neuroscience 2014 Tartar Trust Awardees
07/25/2014 Behavioral Neuroscience at Research Week 2014
07/15/2014 U.S. News ranks OHSU Hospital No. 1 in Oregon; five specialties are nationally ranked
06/23/2014 Research gives unprecedented 3-D view of important brain receptor
06/10/2014 OHSU Doernbecher ranks among the nation’s best children’s hospitals in 10 specialties
06/02/2014 OHSU commencement ceremonies to honor more than 1,000 new health care professionals, educators and researchers
05/29/2014 OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital announces patient-designers for 2014 Doernbecher Freestyle Program
05/19/2014 Sophia Bornstein, MD, PhD has been selected to attend the AANS/ASTRO/NREF Stereotactic Radiosurgery Course
05/04/2014 As of July 1, 2014 Ansgar Will Become Vice Chair for Faculty Development and Advancement
05/04/2014 As of July 1, 2014 Ines Will Become the Medical Director of the Neurosciences Critical Care Unit
05/01/2014 Study: Low-fat diet helps fatigue in people with MS
04/29/2014 NW Noggin Featured in Association for Psychological Science Observer
04/29/2014 Matt Lattal Featured on Think Out Loud
04/18/2014 Miranda Lim Receives Sleep Research Society Young Investigator Award
04/18/2014 Josh Meyer Receives NLM Fellowship
04/18/2014 Brett Dufour Wins First Place at Oregon Society for Neuroscience Meeting
04/18/2014 Josh Kaplan Receives Award for Outstanding Journal Article by a Graduate Student
04/18/2014 Megan McClintick Receives Travel Award
04/18/2014 Damian Zuloaga Accepts Assistant Professor Position
03/21/2014 Kathleen Holton Heading for American University
03/21/2014 Megan McClintick Wins Best Poster Award
03/21/2014 Garet Lahvis Wins Prestigious Literary Award
02/25/2014 Melanie Pina Receives OHSU Vertex Scholarship
02/24/2014 OHSU-Intel video: The power of innovative collaboration
02/14/2014 OHSU brain lecture set for Feb. 18: "Working to better treat traumatic brain injuries"
02/10/2014 BME and OCSSB Welcome New Faculty
02/07/2014 First OHSU Brain Awareness Season lecture set for Feb. 10: “Mad cow disease and related human diseases”
02/05/2014 Monkeys that eat omega-3 rich diet show more developed brain networks
02/04/2014 BME and OCSSB Welcome New Faculty
01/02/2014 Damien Fair Receives Presidential Award
01/02/2014 Monique Smith Receives OHSU Brain Institute Graduate Student Fellowship
01/02/2014 John Harkness and Lauren Kruse Receive Ashworth Graduate Training Awards
12/26/2013 Antioxidant drug knocks down multiple sclerosis-like disease in mice
12/23/2013 OHSU neuroscientist wins presidential award for promising scientists
12/17/2013 Study: Moderate alcohol consumption boosts body’s immune system
12/11/2013 Dietary amino acids improve sleep problems in mice with traumatic brain injury
12/09/2013 OHSU researchers develop new drug approach that could lead to cures for wide range of diseases
11/07/2013 OHSU Vollum Institute research gives new insight into how antidepressants work in the brain
11/06/2013 Megan McClintick & Antony Abraham Receive 2013 APA Dissertation Research Awards
10/26/2013 Study: Stroke prevention surgery less effective than meds, lifestyle change
10/24/2013 Head of pediatric neurosurgery at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital to lead largest professional neurosurgical organization in the world
10/21/2013 Deb Finn to Receive Faculty Excellence in Education Award
10/11/2013 Andrey Ryabinin to Receive Teaching Excellence in Graduate Education Award
10/03/2013 Matt Lattal Receives 2013 Pavlovian Research Award
09/30/2013 Four OHSU Vollum Institute scientists win prestigious NIH awards
09/04/2013 OHSU study looks for people with reduced sense of smell for Parkinson’s disease research
08/13/2013 OHSU wins NIH grant to look for Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers
07/31/2013 BME Mourns Death of Tamara Hayes
07/16/2013 U.S. News & World Report ranks OHSU Hospital No. 1 in Portland, statewide
07/09/2013 Paws for Parkinson’s fundraising event set for July 13 in South Waterfront
06/26/2013 Nationally recognized autism experts to speak at free OHSU lecture Friday
06/14/2013 BEHN in the News! Featuring Karina Destine
06/11/2013 OHSU Doernbecher ranks among the nation’s best children’s hospitals four years running
06/10/2013 Behavioral Neuroscience Research Week Award Winners
06/05/2013 New technique for deep brain stimulation surgery proves accurate and safe
05/30/2013 OHSU commencement ceremonies to honor more than 1,000 new health care professionals
05/28/2013 OHSU Vollum Institute scientists advance understanding of brain receptor
05/20/2013 OHSU Ask the Health Experts Lecture series features useful advice for a variety of health concerns
05/08/2013 How do we see inside the human brain? And why should we look?
05/07/2013 Inaugural Conference for Flux: The International Congress for Integrative Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
03/27/2013 OHSU receives advanced certification as Comprehensive Stroke Center from The Joint Commission
02/28/2013 Dr. Kubicky to present at the Portland International Neuroscience Symposium
02/20/2013 First OHSU Brain Awareness Season lecture set for Feb. 25: “Brain resiliency and the secret to healthy aging”
02/12/2013 Saying I love you on Valentine’s Day … with a spinal tap
02/01/2013 OHSU Brain Institute announces lineup for annual Brain Awareness Season lecture series
01/29/2013 New OHSU research helps explain early-onset puberty in females
01/24/2013 Three BEHN Graduate Students Receive 2012 APA Dissertation Research Awards
01/16/2013 Study findings have potential to prevent, reverse serious disabilities affecting children born prematurely
01/15/2013 Most U.S. neurologists plan to use new brain scan for Alzheimer’s detection
01/14/2013 Research Week: May 20-24, 2013
01/14/2013 Research Week: May 20-24, 2013
12/19/2012 Emily Eastwood and Morgan Wirthlin Receive Ashworth Graduate Training Awards
12/13/2012 W. M. Keck Foundation grant will help OHSU advance light/electron microscopy for biomedical research
12/13/2012 W. M. Keck Foundation grant will help OHSU advance light/electron microscopy for biomedical research
12/11/2012 New cardiovascular institute at OHSU will be named the OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute
12/06/2012 Autistic adults report significant shortcomings in their health care
12/05/2012 OHSU study shows that a molecule critical to nerve cells increases dramatically during hypertension
11/16/2012 Medical Research Foundation Honors Three Top Oregon Scientists
11/05/2012 Dr. Kubicky to present on “Stereotactic Radiation for Metastatic Spine Cancer"
10/31/2012 OHSU researchers discover how enzyme may prevent nervous system repair in multiple sclerosis
10/24/2012 OHSU researchers test new gene therapy method in human cells...and it works
10/16/2012 Dominique Eghlidi Receives First Place in Basic Science at The Healthy Aging Alliance Conference
10/10/2012 Human neural stem cells study offers new hope for children with fatal brain diseases
09/28/2012 William Giardino Receives President's Young Investigator Award from ISBRA
09/19/2012 World's only 'Great Salt Lick' contest set for Sept. 22 in Baker City
09/19/2012 Battling Parkinson’s disease: ‘keep moving’ and fight it with attitude
09/18/2012 OHSU announces Marquam Hill Lecture Series for 2012-13
09/17/2012 Historic gift from Phil and Penny Knight establishes institute for cardiovascular research and care at OHSU
09/13/2012 Study finds Gingko biloba does not improve cognition in MS patients
08/17/2012 Dr. Marquez is a co-author on article linking CSF shunting and hearing loss in children undergoing treatment for medulloblastoma
08/10/2012 Marcia Ramaker Receives Ashworth Graduate Training Award
07/17/2012 U.S. News & World Report Ranks OHSU Hospital No. 1 in Portland, statewide
07/12/2012 Dr. John Crabbe Receives 2012 RSA Seixas Award
07/10/2012 Kristy Cordero Receives SfN Neuroscience Scholar Fellowship
06/21/2012 Head of federal neurological disorder institute to speak June 25 at OHSU
06/19/2012 Yosef Berlow Receives NIH NRSA Award
06/07/2012 Neuroscience Of Aging Course To Be Offered 2012/13 Academic Year
06/05/2012 OHSU Doernbecher ranks among the nation’s best children’s hospitals
06/04/2012 OHSU leads NIH-funded study in Oregon to improve survival among cardiac arrest victims
06/01/2012 OHSU graduation ceremonies to honor more than 1,000 new health care professionals
05/30/2012 Amanda Barkley-Levenson and Josh Kaplan receive Graduate Research Scholarships
05/09/2012 OHSU study: Misdiagnosis of MS is costing health system millions per year
05/09/2012 OHSU researchers develop new animal model for one of the least understood medical issues: ADHD
04/23/2012 National leader in drug addiction research to speak as part of OHSU’s lecture series
04/09/2012 OHSU expands seating for April 10 lecture by author Jonah Lehrer
04/02/2012 What do ADHD and cancer have in common? Variety
03/29/2012 Science Rising on the Waterfront
03/14/2012 Medical students at OHSU, around the nation learn where they will train for the next 3-plus years
03/13/2012 Symposium will offer advice, hope for younger people with Parkinson’s disease
03/09/2012 OHSU lecture by director of federal NINDS rescheduled for June 25, 2012
03/08/2012 OHSU-led consortium wins $21 million grant to study alcoholism, stress
02/16/2012 Auto-injectors may be better than IVs to treat prolonged seizures
02/16/2012 OHSU discovery may someday lead to prevention and treatment of sudden infant death syndrome
02/08/2012 Author and expert to speak at OHSU: You can prevent Alzheimer’s
02/03/2012 Study: Stroke victims recover much better after temporary stent procedure
01/25/2012 OHSU discovery may lead to new treatment for Rett Syndrome
01/19/2012 Oregon Health & Science University Joins BioPontis Alliance to Advance Research Discoveries
11/10/2011 Medical Research Foundation Announces 2011 Award Winners
11/07/2011 First Use of High-Field MRI in Developing Brain Reveals Previously Undetectable Injuries
10/24/2011 With Senior Population About to Skyrocket, OHSU Physicians, Researchers Team Up to Ensure Healthy Aging
10/17/2011 Small Group of Oregon Women Quietly Raises $1.4 Million for Promising Scientists-in-the-Making
09/26/2011 Dr. Nutt is Movement Disorders Research Award recipient.
09/19/2011 2011 NGP Retreat Information
08/26/2011 Paper of the Month: MS-like disease in macaques
08/02/2011 Scientists Identify What Makes Us Feel ‘Bad’ When We’re Sick, How to Treat It
07/21/2011 Behavioral Neuroscience trainees receive Tartar Trust Fellowships
07/19/2011 U.S. News Ranks OHSU Among Best in Nation, No. 1 in Portland-Metro Area
07/14/2011 OHSU scientists discover new role for vitamin C in the eye - and the brain
07/13/2011 ‘Balance dog’ who helps man with Parkinson’s is co-Grand Marshal of ‘Paws for a Cause’ this Saturday
07/07/2011 OHSU Human Genetics Initiative turns five!
07/05/2011 Paper of the Month: A mystery of the ear solved
06/30/2011 Drs. Bourdette, Wong and researchers discover MS-like disease in monkeys
06/30/2011 OHSU-led team discovers link between cancer, neurodegenerative diseases
06/28/2011 OHSU researchers discover MS-like disease in monkeys
06/22/2011 Welcome new faculty - June 2011
06/09/2011 OHSU physicians with multiple sclerosis to lead team in MS fundraiser
05/27/2011 Behavioral Neuroscience celebrates 50-year anniversary
05/25/2011 Neurosurgical leaders converge for national conference
05/21/2011 Ten new scholars join alumni ranks of Portland Chapter, ARCS Foundation
05/18/2011 Welcome new faculty - May 2011 
05/17/2011 OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Among Top 50 in the Nation
05/17/2011 OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital among top 50 in the nation
05/16/2011 Three PhD students receive inaugural Graduate Research Scholarships
05/13/2011 Five faculty scientists honored at VA Research Day 2011
05/09/2011 School of Medicine Alumni Association honors distinguished alumni, faculty, students
05/03/2011 Dr. Hayflick appointed Chair of Molecular & Medical Genetics
04/27/2011 OHSU Offers Its Condolences Upon the Passing of Harold Schnitzer
04/26/2011 Dr. Nutt is recipient of AAN’s Movement Disorders Research Award
04/22/2011 Dr. Hitzemann recounts milestones and discoveries in 40-year career
04/21/2011 Strike Out Parkinson's Disease Event Set for May 7
04/20/2011 OHSU Board Approves Expansion of Life Sciences Building
04/08/2011 Foundation for Physical Therapy presents Dr. King with its largest ever single research grant award
04/04/2011 OHSU School of Dentistry Team Discovers Underlying Mechanism of Increase in Molecule Responsible for Pain
04/01/2011 Why Is the Tram Tower Blue?
03/30/2011 OHSU Doernbecher Scientists Discover New Approach to Overcoming Drug Resistance in a Childhood Cancer
03/29/2011 Dr. Laurie King, Assistant Professor of Neurology, Awarded $300,000 Research Grant
03/23/2011 Influx of Applicants to OHSU Residency Program Shows Need to Increase Oregon’s Graduate Medical Education Slots
03/18/2011 Neurological Surgery leads influx of highly qualified women into neurosurgical training
02/23/2011 Welcome new faculty - February 2011
02/14/2011 Scientists Discover Cell of Origin for Childhood Muscle Cancer
02/02/2011 OHSU Fixes Complex Heart Problems Without Open-Heart Surgery
01/27/2011 Dr. Hurn accepts prominent leadership position at University of Texas System
01/27/2011 Welcome new faculty - January 2010
01/26/2011 Dr. Primack appointed Interim Chair of Diagnostic Radiology; committee convened for national search for permanent chair 
01/19/2011 OHSU Doernbecher named Center of Excellence for Batten disease
01/18/2011 OHSU Doernbecher Named Center of Excellence for Batten Disease
01/12/2011 Why I Teach – Suzanne Mitchell, PhD
01/10/2011 OHSU tests new fish oil/lipoic acid combination as Alzheimer's treatment

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