How successful are  your patients at losing weight?

Weight loss results rests on many factors. Patients must  follow up with the program at regular intervals to prevent re-gaining weight,  which has been found to occur in patients who do not receive regular counseling  and follow up.

Why is bariatric  surgery done laparoscopically?

Laparoscopic surgery is less invasive, heals faster and  leaves fewer scars. We perform the majority of procedures laparoscopically, to  help our patients get back on their feet quicker, with reduced risk of  infection and complications.

How long will I be in  the hospital?

You  could be back home in as few as one to three days. Improved surgical techniques  mean you can get back to your normal life much sooner!

If I have bariatric  surgery, how much time will I have to take off work?

Your  ability to resume pre-surgery levels of activity will vary according to your  physical condition, the nature of the activity, and the type of weight loss  surgery you had. Most people return to work and are able to exercise within one  to three weeks after laparoscopic surgery. If you have had an open procedure,  it will take longer, usually about six weeks after surgery.