3-Month Post-Op


Nutrition during the first three months after surgery will help with recovery and give long-term health benefits, read more about how OHSU is here to help.
Regular meetings with your OHSU Dietitians during the first 3 months is important to help you progress through the initial stages of your post-bariatric diet.  We will focus on how you are tolerating your current diet and continue to work to help you establish a healthy dietary routine.


At each meeting we will:

  • Review your current diet
  • Help troubleshoot any food/nutrition problems you are having currently
  • Work with you to make sure you are meeting your protein and fluid goals
  • Make sure you are taking the right vitamins and that you are taking them at the right time
  • Give you instructions on how to advance to the next diet stage including what foods to add and those to continue to avoid
  • We encourage you to and are available for you to contact us with any questions in between visits