Meeting with your OHSU Dietitians prior to surgery is an important component of helping you prepare for surgery. We will focus on helping you lose any weight that is required by your insurance/ MD prior to surgery, working to help you establish a healthy dietary routine.  We will also focus on preparing you for what your diet will look like after surgery and making sure you have the tools to prepare for your post-surgery diet.


At our initial meeting we will:

  • Review your current diet
  • Review tools to help you with behavioral and lifestyle changes pre and post surgery
  • Develop and individual nutrition plan to help with any needed weight loss prior to surgery and help you transition to post-surgery dietary habits
  • Review dietary progression after surgery
  • Provide written instructions with lists of appropriate foods and sample menus for each dietary stage
  • Review dietary supplements needed post op and provide several options for each In follow up meetings prior to surgery we will continue to provide support for weight loss goals and review post-surgery information as needed