Step-by-Step Process

First: Join us online from the privacy  of your home for our informational seminar.  

Second: Call your insurance provider to obtain coverage information  regarding:

  • Exclusion for weight related treatment
  • Requirements for surgical considerations
  • Supervised diet or weight loss requirement

Third: Complete the Health History Form

Fourth: Schedule your consultation appointment. Your first visit  will be with one of our dedicated nurse practitioners who will perform a  complete medical exam and discuss any additional consultations or tests you will  need prior to surgery.

Other appointments  you will have as part of your pre-surgical process include:

  • Dietitian appointment
  • Physical therapist appointment
  • Weight management classes
  • Psychological evaluation

Insurance authorization: When all of the above and any other needed consultations or  testing is completed, we will request an authorization for surgery from your  insurance company. 

  • Surgeon appointment: This will be scheduled  following authorization by your insurance company. During this appointment your  surgery date will be set.  You will be  asked to sign the consent form for surgery, please bring your questions.
  • Pre-Medicine Clinic appointment: This will occur  after the surgeon visit. This appointment is to evaluate your risk for  anesthesia.
  • Bariatric Pre-op Class: Occurs Monday or Friday before  your surgery to review vitamin supplements, what to expect during surgery, post-operative  care in the hospital and when you come to the hospital.