OHSU is a nationally recognized leader in the field of Bariatric Surgery and  performs hundreds of bariatric surgeries each year.  With an aggregated 8o years of clinical  experience among the faculty, you will have access to the region’s most  experienced medical staff, latest procedures and state-of-the-art equipment. Our Bariatric Services patient navigators (pictured below) are consistently recognized for providing our patients with a caring and supportive experience from start to finish.

Bariatric Services Team awarded for providing excellent patient experience

Certifications earned

  • Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation  and Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP): works to advance safe, high-quality  care for bariatric surgical patients through accreditation of bariatric  surgical centers.
  • Membership in the Aetna Institutes of Quality  (IOQ) Program: IOQ facilities show excellence in care, a commitment to  continuous improvement, and exceptional value.
  • Designation as a Blue Center of Distinction by  Blue Cross Blue Shield for Gastric Banding and Center Designation Plus for  Gastric Stapling: identifies facilities with a proven track record for  delivering better results- including fewer complications and readmissions- than  hospitals without these recognitions.
  • Optum Bariatric Center of Excellence: helps  ensure that bariatric surgery and care are delivered in a manner that meets  strict standards and increases the likelihood of superior outcomes and  ultimately reduces costs.


You can expect the highest level of care  and services from OHSU.  We hold an  MBSAQIP accreditation, which is the gold standard; a center receives  accreditation following a rigorous review process in which it is proven it can  maintain standards of practice, and all accredited centers report outcomes to  the MBSAQIP database.   In addition, a  training protocol is followed to ensure patients receive the highest level of  care and our dedicated Quality Committee reviews program data every month to  consistently improve our level of care. 


OHSU, the state’s only academic health center,  ranked 25th in the nation for overall National Institute of Health  (NIH) dollars in 2014.  What sets OHSU  apart from other intuitions is the array of multidisciplinary and collaborative  approaches taken to solve problems in human health, including research related  to obesity and bariatric surgery. Our surgical team participates in the  national bariatric surgical research project, Longitudinal Assessment of  Bariatric Surgery  (LABS). This is the  largest multicenter research study of bariatric surgery ever done in the United  States and has resulted in many improvements to care delivered worldwide.  Research topics include specific operations, characteristics of people who have  surgery, and the results of surgery. Results from these research projects are  then applied to our practice, resulting in delivering the safest and most  cutting edge care for our patients.