What can Healthcare Integrity do for you?

Doing the right thing is the responsibility of everyone at OHSU and we are here to help.

We have expertise in healthcare system billing; reimbursement and charge processing; compliance risk assessment; healthcare operations; conflict of interest; and compliance audits and investigations. If you are ever unsure of a concern, or just have a question, please  – it's always better to prevent a problem than to fix one!

We Can…

  • Help you decide who to call with your questions and concerns
  • Research rules, regulations and policies
  • Provide advice and consultation
  • Review policies and procedures to ascertain compliance and assist you in revising or developing policies and procedures

We also…

  • Investigate all integrity concerns, or refer them to others (such as Legal Counsel, Human Resources) for investigation
  • Help managers develop, implement and oversee corrective action plans for integrity issues
  • Establish and monitor integrity standards, policies and procedures
  • Identify and audit compliance risks in the OHSU Healthcare System
  • Coordinate responses to RAC (Recovery Audit Contractor), MAC (Medicare Administrative Contractor), MIC (Medicaid Integrity Contractor), and other audits