Beech Street Corporation

OHSU is a full participant in the Beech Street Corporation insurance network. If you are interested in using OHSU clinics, please call your insurance plan provider or medical network to ensure there are no limitations to your access to OHSU care.

How you pay for your health care will depend on whether you have health insurance and the type of coverage you have. Your health plan may pay for all or part of the cost of your care. See below for guidance on how to contact an appropriate customer service representative at Beech Street Corporation.

A Message From Beech Street

As the largest independently owned Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) with over 50 years of reliable service, Beech Street has forged the road to over 380,000 providers, 3,500 hospitals and 50,000 ancillary providers. Over 700 clients and their 16 million members and employees have put their trust in our care. Beech Street Corporation provide services such as nationwide network access, URAC accredited and NCQA certified healthcare management services, and a Workers' Compensation network.

Beech Street Corporation Customer Service Information