Department of Infection Prevention and Control

Infection Prevention and Control provides expertise to the OHSU community on preventing and controlling the spread of infections.

Welcome to the Department of Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) at OHSU.  The department supports the university's mission of healing, teaching and discovery.  Use the navigation at left to find policies and resources for preventing infections.  Check back often for updates and announcements.

Ebola Recommendations

As many of you know, there is currently an Ebola outbreak in West Africa that has stricken many people.  OHSU is taking every precaution to ensure we are prepared to treat any patient with suspected or confirmed Ebola hemorrhagic fever (Ebola HF).  We have created a response plan and are training staff on proper PPE use.

OHSU employees can follow our Ebola preparation on the O2 Ebola site.

For more information, please see the CDC's recommendations for hospitalized patients with known or suspected Ebola HF



Enterovirus Recommendations

Pediatric Areas

MERS Recommendations

It is possible that we may see cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in Oregon. For information please refer to the CDC here. CDC's recommendations for MERS.