Pediatric Psychology Program

The Pediatric Psychology Program at CDRC is dedicated to improving the psychological, behavioral, emotional, and social wellbeing of children, adolescents and young adults.

The CDRC Pediatric Psychology program focuses on the strengths of individuals and families, and builds on those strengths in fostering adjustment and adaptive coping with disability, special health needs, chronic illness, and behavioral/psychological difficulties.

We understand and capitalize on the relationship between social support, health status, and health behaviors. We are committed to focusing on the whole person and ensuring that we appreciate the interplay between psychosocial and other medical or developmental issues.

As such, we readily and regularly consult with medical or other health care providers as appropriate, and defer to other disciplines on those issues that do not fall under the rubric of psychology as a discipline. In addition, we provide the highest quality services by using those that are supported by research, represent the most current practice standards, and take into account individual differences.