Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is an enterprise web conferencing solution for online meetings, eLearning, and webinars. Features include streaming audio and video, whiteboarding, online annotation tools, application and desktop sharing, web conferencing capability, Macintosh compatibility and attendee management. Integrated telephone conferencing can be arranged as a part of any web-conference.

Information for Prospective Adobe Connect Users

The OHSU Teaching and Learning Center currently re-sells the Adobe Connect service at OHSU. For an annual fee of $200, a department may subscribe to exclusive access of a 100-user virtual web conferencing room, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week using a pre-defined URL (such as Subscriptions run for a fiscal year. If service is begun after July, Adobe Connect service will be prorated at $16.66 per month for the remainder of the fiscal year through June, 2012. 

Departments are responsible for managing their users, training presenters and producing events. Optional, integrated telephone conferencing may be purchased through MeetingOne at the cost of 4.5 cents per minute per user or non-integrated telephone services may be used if event recording is not required. The Teaching and Learning Center is pleased to offer consultation on recommended web cameras and microphone equipment for Internet-based video and audio streaming. The customer is responsible for any costs associated with utilizing cameras and microphones in conjunction with Web conferencing. Peripheral equipment is not rented for such purposes. 

The Teaching and Learning Center does not support the technical operation of either Adobe Connect Pro or MeetingOne. Both vendors provide toll-free support to their users. Departments are encouraged to receive orientation from the Teaching and Learning Center before purchasing and/or scheduling their first web conference.

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Helpful Adobe Connect Hints for Current Users

If you need support either during or after a web conference, please call: Adobe Connect Technical Support: 1-800-422-3623

If your web conference room has the integrated MeetingOne telephone conferencing system, you can reach a MeetingOne support technician by pressing *0#  at any time on your touchtone keypad once your telephone conference has been established.

We encourage users to take the time to learn the system in advance of important web conferences.

For a stress-free web conference:

  • Upload PowerPoints the day before your presentation
  • Click through each slide to ensure everything works as expected
  • Do not embed video and/or audio files or complex animations in your PowerPoint slides. They will not play.
  • Convert videos to FLV or SWF (Flash) format and upload them separately.