About Turnitin

Originality Checking and the Turnitin Service

OHSU faculty may choose to check the originality of your work by submitting papers to Turnitin. If this option is chosen, you will receive notification from Turnitin regarding the use of this service.

What is Turnitin?Turnitin scans papers and checks them for originality

Turnitin is web-based system designed to compare submitted works against a large database of student papers, scholarly works, journal articles, texts and other material.  Many institutions including OHSU purchase an annual license to access the Turnitin database for originality checking to assist faculty in evaluating student work. 

When you upload a paper to Sakai, it can be automatically submitted to the Turnitin service if your instructor has chosen the Turnitin option. The service compares the body of your paper with a database of digital content contained in its library and then generates an "Originality Report" that documents the matching phrases and assigns a an originality score.

As a student, you are notified by e-mail if a paper is being analyzed by Turnitin.  The e-mail address stored in Sakai is the one used to notify you of its use.