Cheating and the Honor Code

 Cheating and the Honor Code

Friday, April 20th
12noon to 1pm
McKenzie Hall 2201

Beating the Cheating isn't just about clamping down at test time.  It starts the moment a student walks on campus. What are the five steps to build an ethical school culture?

  • Incorporate the honor code
  • Promote a healthy school culture around academic integrity
  • Design less cheat-able assessments and assignments
  • Develop "trust relationships" with students
  • Be transparent about why a subject matter is being tested

We discussed the issues and shared new technologies (Turnitin, ExamSoft, Respondus, lockdown Browser, ProctorU) to help reinforce academic integrity in test and assignments.

Download the powerpoints here:

Check out this article which outlines the solutions we will discuss: Beating the Cheating: five Ways to Combat the Plague.