Put Your Course On Sakai

Sakai is a free service to all official OHSU courses registered with the OHSU Registrar. If you're interested in using Sakai for your course, follow these steps:

  1. Contact the Registrar Administrative Coordinator for your department and ask them to flag your course to use Sakai in OHSU's student information system (Banner).
  2. Contact the to let them know who the instructors are for the course.
  3. Log into Sakai and configure your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is my Registrar's Administrative Coordinator?

A: The registrar's Administrative Coordinators are:

Q: Why is Banner tied to Sakai?

A: To ensure that all students are enrolled in the correct courses, Banner synchronizes with Sakai data nightly to automatically handle adds, drops, audits, withdrawals and Registrar's "holds".

Q: When will courses be pushed from Banner to Sakai?

A: Courses are created approximately 7 weeks before an academic term begins. If you have a course flagged, contact the   to let us know to add you to the site so you can prepare it for the upcoming term.

Q: Are instructors automatically added to Sakai course sites?

A: Instructors who are listed in Banner will be automatically added to the Sakai site for their course. If faculty or staff who are not official instructors-of-record need access to a Sakai course site, contact the to have them added. Please supply your course number (for example, MSCI 611) since the Sakai Help Desk staff cannot search a course by its title, only its course number.

Q: When can I access my site(s) to prepare course material before the term opens?

A: The moment a site is pushed from Banner to Sakai, it is available to the instructor if he or she has been added to the course site by the Sakai Help Desk staff. Students cannot access a course before the term's start date.

Q: When will courses be made available to students?

A: The Sakai Help Desk publishes all courses the evening before they are scheduled to start. For more information and dates, check the Office of the Registrar's website.

Q: Can I open my Sakai course early to students?

A: No. Course sites may not be opened earlier than the scheduled opening date. The official opening of a course is controlled by the OHSU Registrar's office based on legal and financial aid parameters. By opening a course early, the university can be put in legal jeopardy. Only courses that have been cleared by the Registrar's office may open early. Syllabi and required book lists may be sent to students in advance using your course's Mailtool feature.

Q: When do students get notified of their Sakai course availability?

A: The Sakai Help Desk sends welcome letters to all students four days before their program's posted opening date.

Q: How long will students have access to the Sakai course?

A: Courses on Sakai will be close to students three weeks after the academic term ends per official OHSU policy. Instructors will continue to have access to the courses for archival purposes.