Course Evaluations

Sample Evaluation System report showing graphs and statistics

A small sample from a PDF report.

Sakai has an integrated course evaluation tool that makes it easy for departments to create and release evaluations and easy for students to complete the evaluation when they log into Sakai.

Features include:

  • Evaluations can be configured to evaluated each course instructor individually. 
  • Multiple likert scale types.
  • Free text answers.
  • Automatic reminders sent to students who have not completed the evaluation
  • Configurable open and end dates for an evaluation.
  • Multiple report formats including Excel, CSV, and PDF.

If you're interested in using the course evaluation system in Sakai, please email the Sakai Help Desk or call us at 877-972-5249.

Sample Evaluation System student view of a survey showing question and response format

Section of an evaluation as a student sees it.