About Us

Thomas BoudrotThomas Boudrot, Ed.D., -- Director -- received his doctoral degree in educational administration from the University of Southern Mississippi.  Tom was the initial member of the OHSU Academic Technology Department in 2007 and has grown the department with dynamic educators with varied backgrounds and interests.




John AnsorgeJohn Ansorge, M.A., -- Lead Educational Technologist – comes to us from the  University of Nebraska.  John has a strong background and experience in project management and is OHSU's liaison to the Sakai community where he develops  code, participates as a quality assurance contributor and  keeps OHSU on top of the latest Sakai technologies.

Susan Adams, Faculty Development SpecialistSusan Adams, M.Ed. – Faculty Development Specialist – brings her background in student and academic services from Western Washington University.  Susan coordinates all faculty drop-in clinics, monthly TLTR sessions and provides direct course development support and consultation to the School of Medicine and the School of Dentistry.

Jim Heller, Faculty Development SpecialistJames Heller, M.Ed. – Faculty Development Specialist – comes from Arizona State University and traffics online course development for the School of Nursing.  Jim specializes in undergraduate nursing course development.

Sarah Melton, M. Ed., Faculty Development SpecialistSarah Melton, M.Ed. – Faculty Development Specialist – provides course development and faculty support to OHSU's biomeical informatics programs and administers OHSU's web conferencing services.  Our only Portland native, Sarah received her degree from Portland State University.

Kathie ForneyKatherine Forney, M.Ed. – Media Development Specialist – expanded her online course development skills and media production expertise at Spokane Falls Community College before coming to OHSU.  She received her degree from Eastern Washington University.

Shelby Acteson, M. Ed., Interim Director of Student AccessShelby Acteson, M.Ed. – Interim Director, Student Access – is currently transitioning from academic learning support and instructional design to disability services.  In this new role, she works with students and faculty across> all OHSU programs and campuses to manage the provision of disability accommodations and provide disability outreach and training for faculty, staff and students.  Shelby completed her Master's degree at Western Washington University; she is also a proud University of Oregon duck!

Janet Wheeler, M. Ed., Educational Development SpecialistJanet Wheeler, M. Ed. – Educational Development Specialist – provides support and expertise in curricular transformation to the School of Medicine and Graduate Studies programs at OHSU. She received her degree from the University of West Georgia.

Alexandra Shuford, Ph.D.Alexandra Shuford, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor – With over a dozen years of teaching experience in higher education and a background in Continuing Medical Education, Alex's specialty is in active learning and peer coaching. She works with faculty in the School of Medicine and the Physician's Assistant Program to foster student-centered learning that will ultimately improve the delivery of health care. She received her doctorate from the University of Oregon.

Larry WilliamsLawrence Williams, M.Ed. – Education Technology Specialist – joined the TLC after interning with them while working on his master's degree at Portland State University.  His education focus includes online and adult learning.  Lawrence manages OHSU's course evaluation system, and provides technical support for the TLC team.