Students from all OHSU schools interested in global health have rallied in 2010 under a new name, the Global Health Center (GHC) Student Group to advance the work of the earlier student group, the Global Health Alliance (GHA).  It is a change in name only, chosen to lessen confusion between, plus to unite, the work of the students and the Global Health Center.

In 2006, following several years of increasing campus-wide activity related to Global Health, students of the Global Health Alliance proposed a plan for a Global Health Center at OHSU. Subsequently, former OHSU President Peter Kohler and Provost Lesley Hallick established the Global Health Initiative (GHI) steering committee to "develop a proposals...for an interdisciplinary Global Health Center (GHC) at OHSU that would focus on Collaboration, Advocacy, Research, Education [iCARE] and around health issues that connect countries and people all around the globe." The specific aims of the proposal were to identify a mission, structure, functions, and potential funding sources, as well as a five-year plan, for the establishment of a Global Health Center.

The steering committee is composed of representatives from each of the four schools and several OHSU units, and its members encompass the various interests and expertise of the University.Between June 2006 and July 2007, the steering committee met on a monthly basis. Based on extensive research on Global Health programs at other universities, a campus-wide survey regarding current interest in Global Health at OHSU and many discussions about the desired characteristics of a Global Health Center at OHSU, the committee came to a consensus that a Global Health Center was necessary. 


In the past, OHSU students interested in Global Health  participated in the following events:


GHA coordinated OHSU's involvement in this annual walk organized by Cascade AIDS project. 

AMSA Global Health Training

GHA helped fund interested students seeking further training in Global Health

Curriculum Development

GHA emphasized the development of quality Global Health curricula in our programs

Global Health Center Development

GHA pushed for the formation of the Global Health Center and assisted in creation of mission and goals of the new OHSU Global Health Center. 

Global Health Center World Carnival Fundraising Event

Students help organize and several report on their global health work as a part of a GHC fundraiser normally held each Spring in the Atrium of the Center for Health & Healing

Global Health Weeks

GHA hosted weeks of lectures and discussions around Global Health topics. 

International Experiences Database

GHA database on website of past international experiences undertaken by students. 

Journal Clubs

GHA reviews literature and discusses Global Health topics. 

Katrina Fundraiser

GHA hosted fundraiser for displaced persons from Katrina with speakers from Mercy Corps.

OHSU Global Health Symposium on Immigrant and Refugee Health

GHA hosted Symposium with focus on Global Health in Oregon in March 2007.

Western Regional International Health Conference

GHC SIG hosted the 10th Annual Western Regional International Health Conference in April, 2013.

GHA hosted the 3rd Annual Western Regional International Health Conference in Global Health in February 2006.

World AIDS Day

GHA has (for several years) hosted events focusing on International Health and HIV/AIDS education