Solicitation Policy

Any type of fundraising, petitioning, canvassing, distribution of materials, membership drives, demonstrating and recruiting inside and outside the Student Center will require advanced approval from the Assistant Vice Provost for Student Life or Assistant Director of Student Center and Student Activities.  Applications for solicitation space must be made at least two business days prior to the date of the activity.

Solicitation will not be permitted in front of the entrance and exit doors, hallways, or non-designated areas.  Designated solicitation areas include: Nucleus lounge, inside the front entry way of the Student Center, and gymnasium.

Only “officially registered” student interest groups as defined by the OHSU Department of Student Affairs are permitted to make solicitation requests.

Sales items, promotions, or any items merchandized at the solicitation tables shall be confined to the immediate area and must be approved at the time of the request.

Items may not be sold or given a way which compete with Student Center products, services, or vendor contracts unless special approval is obtained at the time of the applications process.