Volunteer Resources and Training

Middle School Volunteer Training

Thank you for signing up to volunteer with our wonderful middle school students. Volunteers play an integral roll and we wouldn't be able to do the amazing work we do without you!

Below is all you need to succeed as a volunteer this fall with our Stethoscope Engineering Lesson. Please review the materials to prepare yourself to lead a class of middle school students through the lesson.



Middle School Volunteer Training Videos

Stethoscope Lesson Volunteering Training for Oct

Volunteer Outline and Stethoscope Lesson Plan

Middle School Stethoscope Worksheet

Please watch this video to prepare for volunteering on October 25 and 26 at Jefferson High School

Stethoscope Volunteering Training for December

We will have volunteer opportunities at Ockley Green Middle School in NE Portland on December 12 and 13. If you did not attend the training for the stethoscope lesson in October please sign up here for our volunteer training lunch time training on December 11. If you cannot attend the training or have questions please e-mail Emily at felsenst@ohsu.edu.


If you attended the training in  October for the middle school stethoscope lesson

Please read the following and watch the video below.

You do not need to attend the December training. The lesson is essentially the same as the one that you learned about during the October training the only difference is that we are seeing students in their science classrooms, so the Powerpoint that was done "in the auditorium" is done in the classroom. Please watch the video below if you need a refresher on the power point portion of the lesson. An On Track staff member will be present if you need assistance during the lesson.

OHSU Volunteer Stethoscope Lesson Plan for Ockley Green Middle School

Stethoscope PowerPoint on Google Slides

Stethoscope Student Worksheet



Brain Lesson Volunteer Training for Jan to May

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with our middle school students. Please check back in December for volunteer training materials and videos that will prepare you to teach a small group of middle school students about their brains.