Changes to the Description of Charges on Student Bill

Starting Fall 2012 term, you will notice a change to the description of charges on your student bill. To address concerns raised by student groups, the Provost has decided to create a more streamlined student bill.

The purpose of amending your student bill is to be more transparent in the total cost of your program:

  • Tuition now includes many school fees such as those for student activities, drug testing, association dues, disability insurance, technology, etc.
  • A non-refundable University Fee supports buildings, maintenance, Student Health and Wellness Services.
  • A Student Council Fee will be listed separately and is for use by your Student Government. · Pager Fees may be added for some degree programs depending on the number of registered credits.
  • You will continue to be billed separately for major medical and dental insurances.

Depending upon your academic program, you may see an increase in your total charges. However, that is the result of any annual tuition and/or school fee increases your academic program may have implemented—it is not a result of this change to the description of charges on your student bill.

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Questions or Comments?

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